JOH Services

The group is intended for youth from the ages of 18 to 23, who are in the country temporarily or permanently (i.e. olim, gap year students, etc.). The group has a religious orientation, which means that it will have content on religious and LGBTQ+ topics, but does not require that participants define themselves as religious

Qulpan provides place where LGBTQ new olim and visitors can meet to practice and improve their Hebrew skills in an LGBTQ-friendly environment and discuss topics that probably wouldn't come up at a regular Ulpan

Мы хотим создать пространство для каждого, кому интересна культура, история и цели ЛГБТ.

Новое квир – сообщество Иерусалима приглашает тебя присоединиться: https://t.me/openhousejlm

Other Organizations


LGBT Olim provides information to LGBTQ+ people who are considering making Aliyah or are in the process of doing so

Klita and Aliya

Jerusalem's municipality has extensive services for Olim - if you're thinking of moving here, check out their website

לפניות בקשר לפעילות

בקשר לכל נושא עבור הקהילה הדתית הגאה, אפשר להשאיר פרטים בטופס ויחזרו אליכם בהקדם.